What are the Types of Designing Courses in India?

    Types of Designing Courses in India?

    Design has been an integral part of India’s cultural heritage. From implying aesthetics alone, it has today emerged as a strategic component of innovation as well as a viable business model. Bolstered by policy regulations and initiative of the private sector, designing has emerged as a sought-after career option for youth. Design is a vast discipline encompassing a plethora of specializations and types of courses. Broadly, the type of designing courses in India can be considered from two aspects: the area of specialization and nature and duration of course.

    The discipline of design comprises four broad specializations namely Communication Design, Interior and Architecture Design, Fashion Design, and Industrial Design. Each of these specializations offers a variety of job roles to design aspirants. The type of designing courses in India can be roughly divided into five components based on their duration: Short-term certificate course, Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. Each of these courses holds relevance depending upon the goals, budget and time factor of an individual. The article discusses various aspects of choosing the design course and will help any individual to zero in on the perfect choice based on his interest and time factor.

    Four Broad Designing specializations:

    Fashion design

    Fashion Designing

    Communication Designing

    Communication Designing

    Interior Designing

     Interior Designing

    Industrial Designing

    Industrial Designing
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    Types of Specializations

    Communication Designing: This field involves leveraging appropriate media such as print, electronic or digital for relaying information or communicating a key message to the target audience. The goal of a communication designer is to capture customers’ attention and maximize their engagement with a brand. In tangible terms, this impacts the bottom-line of businesses. The segment is poised to witness a robust growth backed due to demand for services such as UI/UX designing, e-commerce, game designing and experience design. Top communication designing courses in India offer a variety of career options such as graphic designing, web designing, animation, multimedia production and much more.

    Graphic Designing uses powerful visual communication techniques such as video, images to convey the message of the brand to consumers. Graphic designers create newspapers, web design templates, social media creatives, book design, brochures among others. The graphic designing course equips aspirants with knowledge of typography and diagramming besides a sound aesthetic sense.

    Skills required to become a Graphic Designer
    Skills required to become a Graphic Designer, Source: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/

    Another prospective field in the communication design sector is web designing. The term ‘web designing’ refers to the design process of websites that considers their appearance, layout and usability. The proliferation of smartphones has led to the demand for mobile-friendly websites. The course in Web Designing equips students to understand all aspects of the clients needs, visualise the layout and flow of the website, design the visual interface and make the website coding ready. They can choose to specialize in any of the disciplines such as front-end developer, UI designer, UX designer, design and layout analyst and much more.

    Decoding aspects of web designing
    Decoding aspects of web designing Source: https://www.trishanatechnologies.com/

    A comparatively new entrant in the field of communication is Animation that involves the use of computer-based sequencing techniques to bring visual elements to life. The mythological heritage coupled with technological innovations present India as an exciting market for this field. Animators can work in entertainment as well as the education sector. Animators may also enter the Motion Graphics industry. Motion Graphics refers to the process of creating an illusion of movement through digital footage along with leveraging audio to provide an immersive experience.  Motion graphic designers work in the film industry to produce cutting-edge sequences. They can also work in gaming, TV shows, technical and scientific consultancies and advertisement industries.

    Interior Architecture and Designing: This is a multi-faceted profession involving the application of creative and technical solutions within the interiors of a structure. High disposable income of the population, changing the definition of homes and aspiration for a modern lifestyle have fuelled the growth in this field. The goal of an interior designer is to make interior spaces aesthetic, functional and safe by assessing space requirements as well as selecting items of decoration. Interior designers work closely with civil engineers, architects and builders to determine the layout of interiors. Interior designers may choose to specialize in Office and Workplace Designing, Commercial Space Designing such as malls, restaurants and Public Space Designing such as hospitals, libraries.  Best Interior Designing Courses in India offer various career options such as Interior Design, Furniture Design, Set and Exhibition Design, Renovation, Restoration and Remodelling and much more.

    Best Interior Design Courses are a gateway to a bright career
    Best Interior Design Courses are a gateway to a bright career Source: https://5.imimg.com/d

    If you are mesmerized by renowned designer Gauri Khan’s creations, you may consider Furniture Designing as a career option. The role of a Furniture Designer is to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality and creativity while designing furniture. While designing prototypes, they need to keep in mind safety, practicality and type of  materials to be used. They work closely with design engineers and craftsmen and supervise the entire designing process of furniture. 

    Furniture designed by Gauri Khan, wife of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan
    Furniture designed by Gauri Khan, wife of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan

    Set and exhibition designing involves the creation of display and fixtures during large exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, museums and films. Film Sets are developed in line with the director’s vision and infuse vibrancy to the script. Sabu Cyril, Sharmistha Roy are among the well-known set designers.

    Renovation and Refurbishing involves modification in the layout, look and retrofitting structures. Growing urbanization has fuelled the need for this career option. Renovation and refurbishment experts work in historical monuments, public spaces. One of the known names in this field is Sunita Kohli who is credited with the restoration of Rashtrapati Bhavan in India.

    Fashion designing: This is among the most popular courses in the design discipline.The primary role of a fashion designer is to conceptualize the style and design of apparel and accessories and oversee the entire process of production from manufacturing to end-product. Fashion designing, in itself, is a broad field.

    The Fashion Designing course opens vistas of opportunities
    The Fashion Designing course opens vistas of opportunities, Source: https://digitallearning.eletsonline.com/

    Top Fashion Designing Courses in India offer various sub-specialization such as fashion design, textile design, jewellery design, accessory design, footwear design, fashion technology, fashion styling, visual merchandising and much more. An aspiring fashion designer must possess a flair for creativity, strong visualization skills, a keen eye for detail. Top Fashion Designing Courses in India offer opportunities to be employed in garment manufacturing companies, export houses, fashion design agencies or as a freelancer.

    A design aspirant who is fascinated with jewellery designs may consider it as a career option. Jewellery designers use gemstones, precious metals, beads to create wearable pieces. The jewellery designing course equips aspirants with good visualization skills, an eye for detail, manual dexterity and experience with CAD software.

    Jewellery design by Farah Khan Ali, one of the top designer in india
    Jewellery design by Farah Khan Ali, one of the top designer in India, Source: https://m.dailyhunt.in/

    Fashion stylists must be thoroughly abreast of the latest fashion trends and be passionate about fashion from following new designers to having a good network to make a mark in this field.  Fashion styling is another career which allows you to work with celebrities and prepare them for photoshoots, award ceremonies, press conferences and parties.

    Industrial Designing: This is among the lesser-known Type of Designing Courses in India. Industrial designing involves the conceptualization and manufacturing of products and systems to enhance their physical appearance and functionality to provide a user-friendly experience. The rise in purchasing power, innovation and fast-paced products has led to the growth of this field. The emerging technologies such as virtual product design and the multi-dimensional role played by industrial design companies indicate the bright prospects in this domain. Industrial designing offers various career options such as automotive design, product design and much more.

    Emerging technologies have bolstered the career prospect in industrial Designing
    Emerging technologies have bolstered the career prospect in industrial Designing, Source: https://allegiance-educare.in/

    Automotive designers oversee the design process of automobiles and work in collaboration with engineers and the manufacturing department. They design the prototype of components such as hoods, lamps, doors, while engineers handle the mechanical and electronic aspects in the process. So if you are a design aspirant with interest in the automobile sector, you should consider this option.

    Dilip Chabra is among the top automobile designer in India who has also established his venture called DC design
    Dilip Chabra is among the top automobile designer in India who has also established his venture called DC design, Source: https://enarada.com/

    Another subset of industrial designing is product designing which involves leveraging designing skills and technical know-how to enhance aesthetics and functionality of products. Product designers are involved at every stage of the product design process- from conception to delivery of the design.

    The house of Hiranandani is among the prominent exhibition designing companies in India
    House of Hiranandani is among the prominent exhibition designing companies in India, Source: https://www.behance.net/

    Once a design aspirant has finalized his area of specialization, the next step is to consider the nature of course one should go for.

    Summarizing the nature of courses in designing Source:
    Summarizing the nature of courses in designing, Source: https://www.quora.com/

    Bachelor’s Degree: A Bachelor of Arts is a recognized degree for a design career at an undergraduate level. The eligibility for this course is 10+2. Most institutes have an entrance test to screen suitable candidates. This course has evolved over the years and now offers a plethora of specializations. It is generally a four- year course which builds a sound foundation in design. If you are looking to pursue design as your full-time vocation, this course is ideal for you.

    Master’s Degree: A Master of Arts is a two-year postgraduate programme. It enables an in-depth understanding of design theory as well as its applications. The basic eligibility to pursue this course is bachelor’s degree from a recognized University. Most institutes require aspirants to clear an entrance test. This degree is generally preferred by those who are exploring a career in design and wish to hone their skills further or have a graduate degree in a discipline other than design.

    Ph.D.: This is a two-year programme which opens avenues in teaching. The eligibility for this course is a Master’s degree in design. Applicants are shortlisted based on their research proposal and an Interview. The course is generally preferred by those students who have a strong bent towards academics and wish to consider rigorous research in the field.

    Diploma: Diploma courses can be both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. The duration of the diploma course is generally one or two years.

    Certificate Course: The certificate courses are mostly preferred by those who wish to pursue designing as a hobby or have time constraints in opting for a full-time course. The duration of these courses may range from 3 months to a year. Some institutes also offer the option of pursuing this course through an online mode.

    Fashion Designing Diploma vs Degree:Pros and Cons
    Fashion Designing Diploma vs Degree:Pros and Cons, Source: https://designersinstitute.in/

    Over the years, the design profession has progressed from being perceived as a part-time vocation to a full-fledged specialization. The interplay of technology, policy reforms, industry events, industry-academia collaborations presents one of the exciting times for the industry. The burgeoning population and cultural diversity are a testimony to India’s tremendous potential as a market and indicate that a bright future awaits ahead in the design career.


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