USA Welcomes Changes in NEP 2020 that Allow Foreign Universities to set up Campuses In India

    USA Welcomes Changes in NEP 2020 that Allow Foreign Universities to Set Up Campuses In India
    @State_SCA on Twitter

    The Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs tweeted in support of the changes in India’s NEP. They said, “Welcome news, that foreign universities may establish campuses in India & that Indian universities may do the same overseas. We look forward to opportunities for American and Indian universities to partner & collaborate on research to advance our understanding of the world.”

    India’s Union Cabinet approved India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 on July 29th. It made large scale transformations to the country’s education system. It is supposed to complete implementation until the year 2035. The changes in India’s National Education Policy allows internationalization of education through collaborations with institutions. Student and faculty mobility that allows top universities across the world to set up campuses in India will boost the quality of education.

    Changes include the introduction of a 5+3+3+4 curriculum instead of the current 10+2 pattern and a pedagogical structure based on the cognitive and socio-emotional developmental stages of children. The aim is to shift focus from textbook learning to hands-on, experimental and analytical learning.

    By providing infrastructural support and introducing innovative education centres that allow dropouts to integrate into the mainstream, tracking of students’ learning levels and opening multiple pathways can be achieved. An association of counsellors/trained social workers with schools, open learning for classes 3, 5 and 8 through NIOS and State Open Schools, secondary education programs equivalent to Grades 10 and 12, vocational courses, adult literacy and life-enrichment programs are some of the essential steps. About two crore children who have dropped out will be brought back into the system. (via ANI).


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