The resurgence of Commerce and Arts Courses in India


The number of applicants for and Literature after Class 12 on the rise in India

A new wave of enthusiasm to pursue commerce and arts seem to have struck the student community in India. The dwindling demand and stature of engineering could be primarily attributed as the cause. This is also coupled by the fact that most IT and corporate companies that hired engineers are now more interested in students with an education in mathematics, commerce, and literature. Jobs in the banking sector through campus placements are on the rise as well.

The cut off rates for commerce and arts have increased by at least 5 percent and the number of applications received by colleges also has doubled in number. CMS Business School, Jain University told the Times of India that the demand for and BBA has always been high and is only growing with each passing year. This trend has been especially brewing for the last 5 years but seems to be finally coming to fore this year after the announced by Class 12 results across the nation.

In 2018, the cluster of illustrious colleges under Delhi University have witnessed immense demand and competition amongst the student community to study subjects such as history, political science, and literature. There were 10,000 plus admissions that took place in the BA program at the university, thus becoming the most sought-after course in the entire varsity. This can also be attributed to the fact that education is cyclical in nature and the science bubble seems to have finally busted in India.

Arts and more specifically a degree in English is sighted by students as their number one go-to option since it comes extremely handy in preparing for civil service examinations. In conclusion, it can be safe to say that students today have broadened their horizons and choices resulting in all subject streams getting their due and moment to shine in the spotlight.


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