Supreme Court’s Verdict on Final Year Examinations Likely Today

    Plea Seeking Fee Waiver for CBSE Class 10, 12 Students Dismissed by the Supreme Court of India
    File photo of the Supreme Court of India

    In a much-awaited move, the apex justice court of India is currently hearing the petitions of the parties in favour of the cancellation of final year examinations. Earlier, the Supreme Court had adjourned the case, providing three days for the parties to present their case. Last week saw the debate being taken up to the Supreme Court by the Cheif Ministers of various states such as Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra etc. As a result of which, the hearing in today’s session will decide upon the fate of the final year students as well the authority of respective states in cancelling the final year exmination.

    What Will be the Likely Result?

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) has delineated previously that final year examination is a mandate for promoting the final year students as their entire future will be at stake. Following this, UGC had directed all the universities and colleges to conduct the final year examination on or before 30 September. According to UGC, further delay would lead to a zero academic year for the students. Many premier educational institutes like the University of Delhi have already conducted the Open Book Examination (OBE) for the final year students while Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is planning to tread on the same path.

    The On-Going Debate

    After a lot of tumults, UGC finally waved the green signal on 6 July 2020 for universities to conduct the final year examinations via online, offline, or blended mode. Dr. Pokriyal said that after contacting several universities, it was found that most of them have either started with the process of conducting the examinations or are planning to do the same. The move was appreciated by UGC but scorned by the students and guardians. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by a group of 31 final year students was filed challenging the guidelines. The petition said that UGC was extraordinarily ruthless and unfair to the final year students. The students wanted the Supreme Court to interfere and grant them relief regarding the crucial aspects of health, safety, job, and admission opportunities. The Supreme Court is hearing these pleas in today’s session. 


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