Schools and Colleges in Maharashtra to Remain Closed till 31 October 2020

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As per the latest reports, the Maharashtra Government has extended the state’s lockdown until 31 October 2020. The government has specified that schools, colleges, and other educational institutions will remain closed until 31 October 2020 or until further notice. The Union Home Ministry has announced revised guidelines for ‘Unlock 5.0’, wherein schools and colleges are allowed to reopen from 15 October 2020. Although it depends upon the respective state government, the schools and colleges will only be permitted to function if the state authorities deem it feasible.

Under the Disaster Management Act, the State Executive Committee released the revised guidelines to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic; the state government has further extended the lockdown until 31 October 2020. This decision was taken keeping in mind the rising cases of COVID-19. Moreover, it isn’t feasible for the educational institutions to operate as the students’ health might be jeopardized.

‘Unlock 5.0’ Across India

After the government of India laid down the revised guidelines for ‘Unlock 5.0’, many states have considered the option of reopening school and college campuses. States like Bihar, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal have been given directives about the reopening of the country’s educational institutions. Haryana’s higher education department has prepared a timetable that the undergraduate and postgraduate students need to follow to attend the classes. On the other hand, West Bengal has also mentioned that it won’t be able to reopen college campuses before December 2020.

Online Mode of Education to the Rescue

Although many states are planning to reopen the educational institutions in a staggered manner, the rest are resorting to the online mode to keep the flow of knowledge steady. The online method may not be the best solution, but the feasible one amidst the current crisis. Students can only pray for the situation to get better so that education can go back to normal.


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