‘Responsible Use of Social Media’ Classes for Delhi Government School Students

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    In a novel initiative by the Delhi Government, all the state-run school and self-funded school students will be given a chance to attend classes on the ‘Responsible Use of Social Media.’ Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, came up with the novel initiative as a response to the growing concern over the misuse of the internet.

    Not everybody is unaware of the immense plethora of possibilities which the World Wide Web posits. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the user to manifest the tremendous capabilities in a way that would benefit them. Now that the world is solely dependent upon the internet for various purposes, education as well, these classes are sure to benefit them.

    Classes to Begin on 23 November 2020

    The classes are set to begin from 23 November 2020. Approximately 7.3 lakh candidates have registered for the lessons from about 1,040 schools. The school authorities have forwarded the schedule to the registered candidates, and the classes will be held remotely, i.e., in an online mode. As part of this unique initiative, a total of 52 sessions will be held online for addressing 7.3 lakh students from classes 9 to 12 of 13 districts (136 clusters) in Delhi.

    Speaking about the need for Special Classes on Responsible Use of Social Media, Deputy Director of Education Mohinder Pal said “Threat through the unknown and anonymous cyber world is a harsh reality nowadays. Ease of access and unmonitored reach has exposed the children to unscrupulous elements on the net.” He also added that “the series on ‘Responsible use of Social Media’ will create awareness about the various kinds of threats on the internet and also ways to secure oneself from these threats. The children will also be sensitised about the responsible use of social media.”


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