PM Modi Launches Updated Edition of “Exam Warriors” for Students

Updated Edition of Exam Warriors is Launched by PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra has launched the updated edition of his book, ‘Exam Warriors’ to help students prepare for their exams. The book was launched to help students remain stress-free before exams by engaging them in new mantras and a range of exciting activities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “Let us all help our youngsters as they appear for their examinations.”

The Prime Minister declared the new book’s launch and added, “As the exam season begins, I am delighted to share that the updated edition of Exam Warriors is now available. The book has new mantras and a range of interesting activities. The book reaffirms the need to remain stress-free before an exam.”

The book is available both online and offline in bookstores. Students can also access the book on the Narendra Modi NaMo app. The new edition of the book talks about a systematic approach to tackle challenges that students face outside and inside classrooms when they come through diverse themes such as competing with oneself, discovering oneself, time management, technology, gratitude, and goal setting.

The new edition has a unique, impactful address from the author and the honorable Prime Minister. The address emphasizes the educators and teachers, thanking them for their service and sharing some insights that will lead them to give their students an immersive and enriching learning experience.”


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