Allan is a full-time member of the editorial team at GetMyUni News. He is interested in studying different perspectives on human psychology. An active observer of the government machinery and politics in India, he is passionate to pen his thoughts in the public media. You can get in touch with Allan at - [email protected]
Savitha is the Sub Editor of GetMyUni News. She is extremely passionate about her work. She firmly believes in the wise words said by Nelson Mandela that "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world". She has volunteered at several NGOs throughout India. You can get in touch with Savitha at- [email protected]
A true-blue educationist at heart, Soma has previously worked as a Computer Science Faculty. Her knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm for education are unending and inspirational. Making sure that each and every kid in the world receive education is one of her dreams. You can get in touch with Soma at - [email protected]
Harsh currently serves as a News Writer at GetMyUni. He enjoys creating valuable and socially relevant news that impacts and empowers the readers. Writing about current trends in education and also covering campus news is his forte. You can get in touch with Harsh at - [email protected]
Vishag loves providing quality information to the students. Having worked in this field for a year now, he understands the need of the student and creating quality content for them. His expertise varies from high school education to academia. His research skills are impeccable and next to none. You can get in touch with Vishag at - [email protected]
Raghavendra is involved in writing education news and keeping a track of the latest news stories. With over a year as a journalist, his work includes everything from an increased focus on teaching techniques, public education challenges, and other issues in the education sector- both government and private. Contact - [email protected]
Pushpender is a full-time member of the reporting team at GetMyUni News. He has previously worked on feature stories as well. He currently covers the latest news and notification updates on education from schools, boards, colleges, exams and more. Contact - [email protected]
Waiz is currently serving as the News Editor of GetMyUni News. He has a master’s degree in Journalism and possesses over two years of editorial experience. With a unique vision and point of view, he strives to present authentic news to the student community whilst uplifting the highest standards of journalistic ethics. Contact - [email protected]