Online Mode Cannot Replace Classroom Education; Only to Avoid Loss, Says Sisodia

    Bengal School Resumes Classes Flouting Strict Government's Rule

    A recent interactive session between the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and the guardians of students of a school in New Delhi highlighted specific key points. Sisodia, who is the Education Minister of Delhi, put forth specific poignant points regarding the sorry state of education in recent times. In his last visit to scrutinize the online education process of a local school in Chirag Enclave, Sisodia couldn’t help but comment on the scope of online education in India.

    Sisodia mentioned that online education could never be a substitute for classroom teaching. The right method of teaching requires a holistic approach, which certainly cannot be achieved via online mode. He further clarified that online education is the “need of the hour.” It is being deployed to keep the momentum of education unaffected. Keeping in mind the trying times the future of the students must not be hindered.

    Sisodia empathized with the parents saying that there is a lot of strength in prayers. If everybody prays for the well being of the nation, the schools will reopen soon. The Center is planning to reopen the schools in a phased manner in September. Proper protocols need to be followed by every school, failure of which can lead to severe actions.

    Students are the worst-hit party due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The schools were closed following the central order from 16 March 2020. The measure was undertaken to contain the spread of the deadly virus as much as possible. Students are the building blocks of the nation, but these blocks are deteriorating because of a lack of functionality. Given the worsening condition, many schools have already started with the admission procedure online.


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