MU 2020 Final Year Examination Guidelines, Paper Pattern, and Important Dates Released

Raise Challenge Against NEET 2020 Official Answer Key before 29 September 2020

The Mumbai University is all set to conduct its final year examination from 1 October 2020. According to the official notification released, the question paper will be in a Multiple Choice Question or MCQ format. Furthermore, the affiliated colleges have been clarified the doubts about the examination pattern and syllabi. Candidates are demanding a mock test to familiarize themselves with the paper pattern, before the actual examination. MU is currently working on the same.

MU Final Year Exam Pattern

According to the official notification released, the question paper will consist of fifty marks with a time limit of one hour. The number of questions may range from 25 to 50 depending upon the subject. The department teachers are asked to formulate a question bank containing 250 questions each so that the question paper can be finalized after that. The questions will test the analytical skills of the students and will leave no room for copy and paste.

MU Final Year Examination Syllabus

The question paper will be set on the syllabus covered till 13 March 2020. The students must not panic because the university covered these units before the pandemic outbreak. Some mock tests will also be formulated for the student’s aid.

Cluster or Lead Colleges

MU has come up with a novel idea to manage the resources at hand. It has devised the concept of cluster or lead colleges. According to this, the lead colleges will be responsible for coordinating with all the affiliated colleges in the area of the cluster to encourage the involvement of the teachers of a particular subject in preparing the MCQs. Also, to generate the question bank for the students to practice before the exams. The inter-cluster will also be encouraged, and the colleges have been requested to keep in mind the level of difficulty while framing the questions for the exams.

Candidates must keep visiting the official website for further information regarding the schedule and mock tests.


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