Manish Sisodia Holds Meeting With New School Management Committees

    Manish Sisodia Holds Meeting With New School Management Committees
    A file photo of Manish Sisodia

    Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia met with members of the newly-formed school management committees of several schools on Sunday. During the meeting, he described the committees as the schools’ cabinets, and advised the SMC members to make decisions on their own and raise resources.

    “When it comes to the school operations, you should play the role of a parent. We should dream and also take the responsibility to fulfill those dreams,” Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister, said. “The SMCs have a big contribution in achieving a 98-per cent result in Delhi’s government schools. In 2015, when I used to go to the schools, the principals used to say that one had to depend on the government for every job. Whether it was about a shortage of teachers or maintenance of the school premises, every file used to rotate among government officials. But we gave full authority to our principals to take all such decisions,” he added.”Every school in itself is a government, headed by the principal, and the SMC members are its cabinet. Apart from taking resources from the government, ask for people’s participation, and contribute to the development of the schools.”

    Sisodia advised the SMC members to think out of the box. “If four children of your school are physically weak, ask a milkman to provide milk to those four students to get proper nutrition. If the online education of 10 children is interrupted due to a lack of mobile phones, think of making arrangements with public assistance.

    “It is our endeavor that the SMCs should take the entire responsibility of the schools so that the state government can limit its role to framing policies and providing buildings and other resources,”
    “Education is one thing for which even rich businessmen ask for donations and get it easily. If you ask for something for yourself, you may not get it, but if you seek resources for the education of children, then the entire society will come forward to help you,” Sisodia said.


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