Maharashtra State Board Exams to be Held Offline, Says Education Minister

Class 9 and 11 Students of Maharashtra Board to be Promoted Without Exams

Maharashtra state board has declared that there will be no online exams for SSC and HSC. The board has already scheduled the offline exams to begin from 23 April 2021 and 29 April 2021 for HSC and SSC. More than 30 lakh students will be sitting for the Maharashtra board exams this year. Since the number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise again in Maharashtra, many students, teachers, and parents wanted the exams to be held online.

However, Varsha Gaikwad, the minister for school education, said that it would be challenging to hold exams for such a massive number of students online and hence declined the idea of online exams. According to the minister, online exams need to be conducted with proper organisation, leading to delays in the next academic year and exam dates.

Dinkar Patil, the state board’s chairperson, also agreed that online exams might not be feasible for a large number of students residing in remote areas without internet and technological facilities. He said: “A lot of our students are in rural parts of the state, making it nearly impossible for us to conduct an online exam. We are still two months away and hope the situation around Covid-19 will improve. Meanwhile, we have started preparation for the offline examination and will take measures to ensure that students’ safety is our top priority.”

Patil has advised students not to believe in fake notifications and rumours and to continue preparing for board exams. The authorities will review the COVID-19 situation before the exams, and make the changes to issue new guidelines considering the COVID-19 cases.

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