LPU organises literary festival ‘Panorama’


The School of Social Sciences and Languages at Lovely Professional University (LPU) celebrated literary festival “Panorama” at the campus to sharpen the language imbibing, communicating and the expressing power of the students.

The festival urged the audience to adopt humanistic approaches during ill-gotten hours under certain typical situations. The festival was inaugurated by the Head of Department – School of Arts and Languages Dr. PP Singh and LPU Director General ER.HR Singla.

On this occasion, three plays of master-dramatists William Shakespeare, Vijay Tendulkar, and Ajmer Singh Aulakh were enacted at the theatrical stage of Shri Baldev Raj Mittal Auditorium of the University. The plays presented in three languages, English, Hindi & Punjabi were ‘The Merchant of Venice’, ‘Jaat Hee Poochho Sadh Kee’, and, ‘Anne Nishanchee’ respectively.

In between each play, the talented students of the university presented scores of self-composed poems on a number of social awareness topics. In addition, through hundreds of poster presentations, students expressed their commitment and dedication towards literature, language and their role in transforming the world. 

The first play staged was Shakespeare’s the most readable and performed upon comedy genre- ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Along with sub-themes of racism, justice, isolation, friendship, choices and more; the main theme of the conflict between self-interest and selflessness were all depicted well.

The second play was Hindi version of one of Vijay Tendulkar’s most popular Marathi play ‘Pahije Jateeche’- “Jaat Hee Poochho Sadhu Ki”. This bitter comedy, hitting out at ‘Caste-ism’, The play also commented unambiguously on the education system, its achievements, and faults.

Anne Nishanchee” (Blind Shooters) was the third play performed at the university. Depicting naked reality, the play is based on uncertain extremities met to victims through terror-acts and terrorism.

The conclusion of the fest witnessed the honoring ceremony of all of the student-performers for their extraordinary skills.


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