LPU Honours Researchers for Academic Contributions


LPU honoured its top 148 Researchers and Faculty Members with Awards worth 1.5 Crores on the occasion of its annual academic awards distribution ceremony

Observing annual academic awards distribution ceremony, Lovely Professional University (LPU) bestowed honours upon its top 148 researchers and faculty members. Categorized separately for their research, teaching and co-curricular contributions, LPU teachers were honoured on the basis of their unique performances and achievements thereupon. In this context, One and a Half Crore Cash awards were given away to the recipients for illustrious distinctions.

Distributed awards included 86 Research Appreciation Awards – 29 Research Excellence Awards, 2 Research Impact Awards, 29 Teacher Appreciation Awards, and two Teacher Excellence Awards in the name of Dr CB Gupta Awards. The faculty members who have qualified for the Research Excellence Awards are also sponsored for 1 week visit to one of the top 200 Universities of the world for furthering their research-works.

In fact, LPU has initiated several schemes to promote academic and research activities. The aim here is to provide predictable benefits based upon achieving specific measurable outcomes. Lovely Group Chairman Mr Ramesh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, Executive Deans Dr Sanjay Modi, Dr Lovi Raj Gupta and Registrar Dr Monica Gulati awarded the faculty members.

The Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal stated that he always expected the LPU teachers to keep on working devotedly with the aim to be considered as the best minds all across the globe. Revealing their teaching excellences, they made it certain that when students go out of the campus they go with bright career and not with a mere degree alone. So, all teachers should work on the principle of illustrious achievements, in true letter and spirit.” Mr Mittal also congratulated all faculty members on the completion of 13 years of the University, during which all of them worked hard for adding new chapters of successes to their respective domains.

Two of the award winners, Dr Reji Thomas (Professor of Physics) and Dr Irfan Ahmad Pindoo (Electronics & Electrical Engineering) shared unanimously: “In addition to proud feeling, such awards and recognitions lay more responsibilities on us to be true to all the expectations from us. We assure that our all endeavours will be ever for the betterment of students for making LPU and India number one in the realms of education.” The ceremony was successful in honouring and highlighting the achievements of the faculty stalwarts in the fields of research, development and teaching.



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