London Film Festival selects LPU Researcher’s Short Film


    Selected in United Kingdom’s Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival-2019, Dr. Aman Singh’s Short-Film is titled as ‘Color’

    Spreading awareness about the importance of education in each and every child’s life; a faculty at Lovely Professional University Dr. Aman Singh created message oriented short film ‘Color’.

    Sharing about the selected film, Dr. Singh informed: “There is a huge number of underprivileged children in our society, who are, no doubt, living happily but are unaware about happenings around them. Only education can make them aware, and we all awakened people in this society have to support such children. When we make sure each and every child goes to a school, the awakened and peaceful-progressive world of our dreams will truly become a reality. In this reference, my film ‘Color’ shows that happiness and awareness are the two most important aspects of a child’s life, and every child must be possessive of these both to see life fully colorful.”

    The Lift-off Sessions of the UK film industry is a monthly online showcase, dedicated to screening the monthly collection of globally submitted short and feature films. The reason this festival is so different from many others is due to that it aims to send each selection to the audience as much as possible. 

    Dr. Aman also shared that in spite of his being related to computer engineering domain, he was able to pursue his passion of didactic and social awakening with the help of LPU and its students of Film Production department. One of the students Mohit Bansal edited the film; Vivek Verma presented Music; Camera team was constituted of Jugraj, Pawan, Dev, Rishab, Anit Raj; Poster designer is Tanishq Biswas; cast and crew team has Late Bikash Kant and Lucky.

    The “Color” is also to be soon projected on British screens, which is indeed a great opportunity. Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival is organized by the Lift-Off Global Network, which is the only worldwide exchange of true independent cinema.


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