JNU To Finalise Method To Conduct Exams During COVID-19 Lockdown


Consequent upon the COVID-19 lockdown, JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) declared on April 14, 2020 that it was in the process of finalising the procedure of holding examinations either through digital platforms or other means.

The university confessed that it has been working on different methods to enable continuation of academic activities but it was difficult to have one mechanism which answers all problems.

Registrar Pramod Kumar was quoted saying that since JNU students hail from different parts of India, there are complex issues propping up like connectivity problems in rural areas, a flexible yet efficient mechanism will be formulated by the Chairpersons of Special Centres and Deans of Schools to aid students in completing their academic requirements. A broader outlook on the mechanism of conducting examinations, facilitating dissertations/thesis guidance and submissions, completion of courses will be held with all the faculty on April 16, post which the final decision will be declared to the Academic council.

M. Jagadesh Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, opined that the university is in the process of familiarising digital platforms to the JNU faculty by organising workshops on teaching through online mode. Usage of digital platform during these tough times is very essential for keeping the teaching-learning process alive.

JNU Teachers’ Association, in response to the administration’s proposal, reacted saying that, the period from mid-or end-May till mid- or end-July, including the summer vacation period, could be utilised to complete teaching and sessional work in regular mode. This mechanism of extension of semester combined with the continuation of online connect with students would be a more fruitful option than the administration’s suggestion.

The JNUTA added that the teachers are also ready to go the extra mile to ensure proper completion of the academic requirements prescribed. The other suggestions include granting a grace period to students who are unable to appear for the online examinations during the lockdown. Using options like zoom to complete the syllabus on or before May 15 is also one among them.

The final decision on adopting a method for completion of courses and holding exams and related issues will be communicated to the Academic Council. 


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