JEE Main to be conducted in 22 regional languages

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Very soon JEE Main exam will be conducted in 22 regional languages as proposed by NTA

Mamata Banerjee in a series of her tweets criticized the centre for not including any regional languages other than Gujarati for JEE Main exams. She tweeted: ‘I love Gujarati language. But why have other languages been ignored? If Gujarati has to be there then all other regional languages including Bengali should be there’. On behalf of Mamata Banerjee, the Education department of the state wrote a letter to MHRD requesting the introduction of Bengali as a medium to appear for JEE Main.

NTA on replying to the controversy, stated that any state wanting to add their state-specific language for JEE Main question will have to follow JEE Main 2013 policy. According to the 2013 policy the state have to make admissions to their engineering colleges in th state via JEE Main. Only such a state will be able to request for adding any particular for JEE Main.

JEE Main was introduced in 2013 planning to make state-wise admissions to engineering colleges. Requests were sent by CBSE at the time to all states but only Gujarat agreed to adhere to JEE Main rules to admit their candidates in the state engineering colleges via JEE Main, Gujarat had also requested to make JEE Main available in Gujarati language. Hence Gujarati became an optional language for JEE Main. Candidates from Gujarat, Daman and Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli are the only eligible candidates to choose Gujarati language for JEE Main. Later in 2014, Maharashtra Government also accepted to provide engineering admission through JEE Main. Then after Maharashtra’s request the JEE Main exam was conducted in Marathi and Urdu.

But subsequently in 2016 both Maharashtra and Gujarat stopped taking admissions to the state engineering colleges via JEE (Main). As a result, Marathi and Urdu were removed from the regional languages list of JEE Main but Gujarati language continues to be used on the request of the state.

However, the controversy created by the tweets has made the government look into the matter, MHRD while talking about the issue stated that JEE Main will be made available in 22 regional languages. HRD Secretary R Subramanyam spoked about the difficulties in conducting a CBT mode exam in 22 different languages but said the Government officials are doing their best to conduct the JEE Mains exams in a variety of languages, however, the process will be time-consuming.


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