JEE Main 2020 Update: Significant Drop in the Percentage of Candidates Appearing for the Exam

    Karnataka PGCET 2020 Postponed, Registration Starts Again

    According to the latest statistical report, most of the states witnessed a significant drop in the percentage of candidates appearing for the ongoing JEE Main 2020 examination. Among these states, West Bengal ranks at the top, with approximately 75% less attendance. West Bengal CM, Smt. Mamata Banerjee said, “The students are in great trouble. They were not able to attempt the JEE examinations. In other states, more than 50% of the students were not able to appear for it because of the pandemic situation.”

    Despite making suitable arrangements for the students, attendance remained significantly lower, said Banerjee. The pandemic is responsible for such a sorry state of affairs. Not just West Bengal, but Gujarat also recorded a 55% low attendance on the second day of examination.

    Attendance Report Until Second Day of JEE Main 2020

    States Registered Candidates Candidates Appeared
    West Bengal 4,652 1,167
    Gujrat 3,020 1,669
    Punjab 395 178
    Assam 400 200
    Ranchi 410 190

    The Current State of Affairs

    NTA is conducting JEE Main 2020 from 1 September till 6 September 2020 after being postponed several times. But it can be seen that the decision is facing a lot of barriers. On the first day itself, an appeal was made in the Nagpur Bench of Maharashtra High Court to postpone the examination because the students from the flood-affected areas found it impossible to commute. NTA then decided to consider representations from these areas after proper verification so that no students are at a disadvantage.

    Following this, attendance saw a significant drop, despite making proper arrangements. According to the statistical reports earlier, almost all the registered students had downloaded the admit card, which presented an optimistic attitude for the NTA. But it seems that things turned out to be the opposite. There can be chances of further improvement, although it’s quite impossible.


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