IIT Mandi organizes Himalayan Innovation Challenge 2019

IIT Mandi

Innovative ideas in Agriculture, Waste Management, Climate Change, Renewable energy, Road safety, Disaster management, and Healthcare sectors were presented in this challenge.

The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Catalyst, the first technology-based Incubator in Himachal Pradesh, successfully organized the first edition of ‘Himalayan Innovation Challenge’ for startups and innovators on 25th – 26th May 2019. Catalyst aims to create an impact in a range of relevant areas that bear importance for the Himalayan region. More than 120 teams, ranging from individuals to organizations, willing to deliberate, debate and innovate to this end, applied for the Himalayan Innovation Challenge 2019 from which over 30 teams were shortlisted. The jury at the competition comprised of entrepreneurs, faculty members of IIT Mandi and other senior advisors of the industry.

Drone Tech Lab won the First prize of Rs. 50,000. The startup provides Smart IoT based precision agriculture package including hardware, software and easy data analytic platform to reduce losses being incurred by farmers due to the absence of proper smart precision IoT based Agri solutions for pre, post and during cultivation analytics. Go Vidyouth won the Second prize of Rs. 30,000 It is a low-cost extended range Electric Two-Wheeler with zero emissions in EV mode/ low emissions in the range extender (REx) mode that eliminates vehicle dependence on charging stations. Also, 60-80 percent reduction in the cost of travel compared to a gasoline vehicle. KapUM won the Third prize of Rs. 20,000 A mechanically actuated autoflush for toilets with locking and an unlocking mechanism that makes operation and maintenance easy for toilets.

IIT Mandi Catalyst will offer incubation support to these 15 teams including the top three teams. The incubation support creates an opportunity for startups to get grant and investment worth Rs. 16.5 lakh from IIT Mandi Catalyst.

It is notable that Catalyst in the last two years has supported more than 30 startups of which 16 have been from the State of Himachal Pradesh. Of these, four startups have progressed into the commercialization phase.


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