IIT Jodhpur to Offer New Undergraduate Program in AI and Data Science

IIT Jodhpur to Offer New Undergraduate Programme in AI and Data Science

The Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur or IIT Jodhpur will be starting a new B.Tech course in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The new course is meant to be transdisciplinary and will be inaugurated in the 2020-21 academic session. The decision was undertaken to promote the scientific temper and research methodology in the new millennium.

Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur, said, “under the broad umbrella of IIT Jodhpur’s unique proposition of AI for everything, students belonging to the academic programmes in AI, Data and Computational Sciences will be part of scientific innovations for solving local and global engineering and social problems in close collaboration with industry.”

Catering to the Globalization of Scientific Temper

According to a study, India is one of the biggest importers of AI technologies in the world. Whereas, India leads as one of the largest AI-based industries in the world. This suggests that there lies a discrepancy that needs to be taken care of. Going by the study’s analysis, India must manufacture its own AI-based technologies to enhance global positioning and make itself sufficient.

Hence, Data Science will play a vital role in properly executing the knowledge gained from Artificial Intelligence. IIT Jodhpur spokesperson further delineates that by building on the core background of AI and Data Science, the students will have the opportunity to pursue an MBA (Tech) in the fifth year as a dual-degree option in the School of Management and Entrepreneurship. This will be a groundbreaking initiative in the field of AI in India.

IIT Delhi’s Novel Program

Earlier this year, IIT Delhi also announced a similar AI-based program that would promote the scientific temper and enhance research participation by scholars. Many IITs promote the idea of giving scholarships to women candidates interested in research work to increase female participation in such fields, which is still considered non-appropriate for women. This will boost meritorious women scholars who want to pursue a career in science and technology.


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