IIT Jammu and Higher Education Department to Work Together on Improving the Quality of Education

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    An agreement has been signed by the IIT Jammu and Higher Education Department in a meeting with the vision of improving the quality of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting was conducted by IIT Jammu Director Manoj Singh Gaur and Department of Higher Education Commissioner Secretary Talat Parvez Rohella.

    The following are the major highlights of the agreement:

    • Sharing of resources and infrastructure: In the agreement, IIT Jammu has declared that it will be sharing state-of-the-art research resources and infrastructure with educational institutions to improve the quality of research in the region.
    • Enhancing knowledge: Both institutes will work on improving the knowledge base of the faculty and students in different fields, including machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and much more. 
    • Improvements in different fields: The agreement, which includes academic, research, administrative, and consultancy collaborations, will work towards the betterment of higher education in the state. 
    • Faculty excellence: They will also work together to improve faculty excellence in degree colleges and faculty development programs in different disciplines, including engineering, science, and humanities, and social sciences for the existing faculty members. 
    • Enhancing youth employment rates: As per the agreement, both the institutes will also focus on improving the youth’s employment rates and strengthening the faculty members’ skill sets.
    • Offering numerous programs: Both IIT Jammu and the Higher Education Department will work together to provide numerous faculty development programmes around the year. These programs will focus on innovative teaching methods and excellent research provisions, thereby delivering quality education.


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