IIT Delhi to Establish School of Artificial Intelligence as its Sixth Milestone

    IIT Delhi Launches New UG Programme; B.Tech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics
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    In a milestone towards achieving the dream of millennial India, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has announced its School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI). This announcement is made today, i.e., 2 September 2020. IIT Delhi’s ScAI will be the sixth school on campus. The blueprint is ready, and the execution will mark the pioneering establishment of NEP 2020.

    What did the Announcement Read?

    According to V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi,” India is ranked among the top 5 in the world in both the most number of AI companies and AI jobs. However, we are lagging in some fundamental aspects, specifically in the number of AI researchers in the country and the overall quality and quantity of AI research. To fill this gap, IIT Delhi has established the School of AI on the campus.”

    With the establishment of ScAI in India, it will generate employment and strengthen the position of India globally. The faculty and the students welcomed the move as a marker of self-sufficient India.

    Faculty Planning System for IIT Delhi ScAI

    Mausam, professor and founding head, School of AI, delineated the faculty planning system, which IIT Delhi will deploy. The faculty will incorporate a three-tier system, which would include: Core Faculty, Joint Faculty, and Adjunct Faculty.

    “Core faculty members will be those who consider AI, or its applications in various domain areas (e.g., healthcare, transportation), as their main research area. Core faculty members will also be responsible for developing the School and will be deeply invested in its success. ScAI expects to hire at least 20 core faculty members in the next ten years,” said Mausam.

    The Joint Faculty would be the existing professors of IIT. Once the ScAI is established, these faculties will provide guidance and directions to the new members owing to their experience. Finally, the Adjunct Faculty would function as cross-disciplinary faculties or guest faculties responsible for teaching elective subjects to the students.

    Future Orientation of the School of Artificial Intelligence

    According to Rao, the school will start with its admissions from the next academic year for doctoral programmes. Furthermore, many postgraduate programmes are under planning right now. Once done, IIT Delhi will commence with the admissions. Interested candidates must watch out for the latest developments by visiting the official website from time to time.


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