IIM Indore & Tik Tok joined for Creating Educational Modules for Students & Professionals


IIM Indore and Tik Tok joined for creating India wide conversation and dialogue series on responsible leadership and how to make policy work better for people. This initiative will be conducted in coordination with students and faculty of the college. The dialogue series is meant to help top B-school students, family-owned businesses, government officers, bureaucrats, mid-career senior management professionals to prepare for management challenges in the future and digital disruption.

IIM Indore and TikTok will also conduct training, workshops and hackathons. Training will be on how to use the Internet safely and productively, and hackathons are for law enforcement agencies, government departments, and government scheme executing partners.

In a one of its kind partnership to promote better digital well-being, capacity building of government departments, governance solutions for citizens, spread awareness on the impact of short-form video storytelling in different streams such as marketing & business management, negotiation, enhancing job creation, and skilling.
Prof. Himanshu Rai (Director, IIM Indore) and Dr Subi Chaturvedi, (Head, TikTok For Good) spoke at the event of signing MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Tik Tok.

Prof. Himanshu Rai said that they are very excited to partner with TikTok to develop short video content storytelling in partnership with Tik Tok. He also said that this venture would be implemented in different fields including negotiation, communication, marketing and strategy programs, in both flagship and executive programs of IIM Indore.

Dr Subi Chaturvedi, Head, TikTok For Good, said they were very proud to partner with IIM Indore for this kind of initiative. She said the alliance would cause them to encourage cutting-edge quality education for all, enhancing skills, ushering in a new future of work, decision-makers, building capacity of management professionals and policymakers to tell better stories. She also spoke about the scope of the Internet and how to use it as a tool for changing our lives for good.


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