IIM Ahmedabad sets up the first Big Data Lab in India


    IIM Ahmedabad has put in place a high-performance Big Data Lab. The institute is the first to have it. The investment in the infrastructure is massively enabling the professionals to work on big data.

    As the demand soars for Big Data Analytics Professionals, institutes in India are going through a lot of changes in their academic framework to meet up the industry-demands. With the enforcement of the IIM Act, the institutes are now more focused on building infrastructure and encourage restoration process within the institutes. The pioneer data lab will come into use for commencing a business analytics program. The institute already has courses orbiting around cryptocurrency, IoT (Internet of Things) and big data in context to marketing areas. The establishment of the lab will also strengthen the future of how the organizations will operate.

    The tech-development coin has two sides. Where on one hand the set-up has given more autonomy to IIM, it has demanded heavy responsibility too. Also, the regular functioning of the institutes has turned into formalized ecosystem after the processing of the act. The faculties of the institute have been engaged with policymaking bodies such as SEBI, MPC, RBI and so on for a long time now. The goal behind the whole exercise seems to gather experience, leverage it and also work with business organizations as well as regulatory bodies to flourish in the competitive environment. To fulfill this perspective JSW School of Public Policy is being set up. The inaugural ceremony was performed on April 1, 2019, and is expected to come into a complete running phase in the next 24 months.

    The IIM-A is going to have a new academic block consists of classroom, faculty and research associate offices. The new dorms are on their way which can accommodate around 384 people. All these new involvements are necessary for future growth and managing the prevailing restoration program.


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