HRD Ministry Releases New Draft for National Educational Policy 2019


    The draft has been submitted on Friday, May 31, 2019. Some of the key changes proposed have been mentioned below.

    The initiative by the ministry was a ‘collaborative, multi-stakeholder, multi-pronged, people-centric, inclusive’, participatory consultation process.

    School Education

    The MHRD wants to be known as the Ministry of Education (MoE). The committee emphasized the extension of the Right to Education Act 2009 to include children the age of 3 to 18 respectively. It also seeks to reduce content/curriculum overload in school education systems. There won’t be any more segregation of learning areas in terms of curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular areas and all subjects, including arts, music, crafts, sports, yoga, community service, will be under the curricular umbrella.

    The draft strives to promote active pedagogy that will focus on the development of core capacities and life skills. The committee proposes for massive transformation in teacher education by shutting down sub-standard teacher education institutions and moving all teacher preparation/education programs into large multidisciplinary universities/colleges. The 4-year integrated stage-specific B.Ed. program will soon be the minimum degree of qualification for teachers.

    Higher Education

    In higher education, a restructuring of higher education institutions with three types of higher education institutions has been proposed. The first one being an international quality of research and teaching followed across disciplines with significant contribution to research for type 2 and high-quality teaching focused on undergraduate education will be driven by the Mission Nalanda and Mission Takshashila respectively. There will be re-structuring of Undergraduate programs (e.g. BSc, BA, BCom, BVoc) of 3 or 4 years duration with the provision of having multiple exits and entry options.

    Other Important Reforms

    The Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog has been proposed to enable a holistic and integrated implementation of all educational initiatives and programmatic interventions whilst coordinating efforts between the Centre and states. Creation of accreditation eco-system led by a revamped NAAC has been proposed too. A Professional Standard Setting Bodies for each area of professional education and UGC to transform to Higher Education Grants Commission (HEGC). An Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation (IITI) has been recommended.

    The new apex body to be constituted, the Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog or National Education Commission will be headed by the Prime Minister. The RSA will be responsible for developing, articulating, implementing, evaluating, and revising the vision of education in the country on a continuous and sustained basis. It will also create and oversee the institutional frameworks that will help achieve this vision. Ministry of Education plans to bring the focus back on education and learning, the MHRD will be re-designated as the Ministry of Education (MoE).

    All interested readers can access the draft in its entiretity by selecting the fllowing link National Education Policy 2019


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