Setup of Hi-Tech IT labs for English at schools in Kerala


    E3 (Enjoy, Enhance & Enrich), a program aimed at vigorously improving and enriching the English language fluency of students by making use of hi-tech laboratory facilities in schools is launched by KITE (The Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education).  The Hi-Tech school programme is a outstanding effort of the Public Education Rejuvenation Mission of the State Government, aimed at raising all classrooms to international standards. Almost all Governments in the State have been working on it.

    KITE was identified as the implementing agency for the programme, being the first to establish ICT(Information and Communication Technologies) enabled education in the State for over a decade.

    The project is funded by KIIFB (Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board), the nodal agency for monitoring all Government projects, with Rs. 493.50 Crores. Nearly 45000 classrooms in 4752 schools have been HiTech enabled. Government and Aided High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Vocational Higher Secondary Schools come under this category.

    CEO, KITE, K. Anvar Sadath, conveys his view that the project aims to enhance and enrich English learning of students in an enjoyable atmosphere effectively making use of technology in schools.

    This is achieved using the following three programs :

    Samagra e-Library Audio and video formats of International standard digital books
    e-Language lab Language lab software that will give students oppurtunities to enhance their reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
    e-Broadcast Broadcast lessons which will enable students to use English in academic and conversational contexts in an interactive mode. It also includes multimedia programmes.

    Hi-Tech equipments deployed

    • Laptop
    • Ceiling mounted multimedia projector
    • HDMI cables and faceplates
    • Whiteboard, projection screen
    • USB speakers
    • High speed broadband internet
    • Access to Samagra resource portal
    • Sound system and multifunction printers
    • 42 inch LED TV, Full HD webcam, DSLR Camera

    Test implementation of Hi-Tech school project

    • KITE made a test implementation of the Hi-Tech programme in 139 schools in four contituencies namely Alappuzha, Puthukkad, Kozhikode North and Thaliparamba.
    • Details of ICT equipments given to test schools :
    Constituency in Kerala Teachers trained classrooms schools laptop projector  desktop
    Alappuzha 488 313 30 319 310 116
    Kozhikode (N) 398 248 26 243 216 79
    Puthukkad 485 292 31 288 177 42
    Thaliparamba 442 408 38 297 295 100
    Smart schools 0 195 7 195 195 0
    Total 1813 1456 139 1342 1193 337

    Training for teachers and students 

    In addition to providing hardware , teachers and students will also be trained. Over 1 lakh teachers are to be trained in the next summer vacation.

    The director of General Education will monitor the deployment of the project in schools by teachers.


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