Goa Board Finalizes Results Framework for Class 10 Exams

TS Intermediate Exam 2021

This year the Goa Board Exams for class 10 have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. In its place, the board has formed a plan for finalizing the grades of their class 10 students. The final results will be a blend of their internal assessment grades combined with objective criteria which the committee has developed for the purpose. The “internals” are marks that are evaluated and recorded by schools throughout the academic year. 

This framework was prepared by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) executive committee. This committee was formed on Saturday, 29 May during which the plan was established. This scheme must be followed out by all schools affiliated with the GBSHSE. 

The board has also confirmed that class 10 examinations which were originally from 13 May to 4 June 2021 are fully cancelled and will not occur at a later date. This is due to the rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 in Goa. The board has stated that they are aware of the possibility of candidates becoming unsatisfied with this new grading scheme. Therefore, any student who has issues with their given marks will be assigned opportunities to write physical examinations when conditions become amenable.

Affiliated schools have also been requested to create their own results committees. This expects institutions to elect teachers and other academic supervisors from within the school as well as schools nearby. The state board has not finalized a decision on the class 12 board exams.

Drafted Penalization for Malpractice

A section of the scheme also features several policies which offer provisions against the issue of grade tampering. This includes penalties/de-recognition with schools found to engage in malpractice as class 10 results are finalized. The quoted response is as follows. “In cases where a school deliberately indulges in practices that are not consistent with fair, unbiased and objective practices of assessment, the board reserves the right to start de-recognition proceedings and/or impose a financial penalty against the school or decide not to declare the result of the class tenth for the school till the time it is not in conformity with the board’s policy”.


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