DU Open Book Exams 2020: Only Few Students Using CSC Services

    DU Exams 2020: OBE Answer Sheets will be Evaluated Digitally by Subject Teachers
    A College on DU Campus

    Common Service Centres (CSC) facilitating Delhi University‘s online and open-book exams in Delhi, said only a handful of students are availing the service and even then, most of them faced issues while uploading their answer sheets. The Common Service Centres (CSCs) have been set up to help students who do not have the proper infrastructure to give online exams.

    “Around seven to eight students have come. If they face difficulty in uploading the answer sheet, the option of mail is there,” he added. In the Southwest district, however, the official said that students did not face any such issue. In Shahdara, only ten students visited three-four CSCs on Monday, the first day of the exams, another official said. He said the centres are opened before 7.30 AM when the first exam shift starts.

    The CSE Academy, engaged by the Ministry of Electronics and Technology, has an agreement with the Delhi University for conducting the open-book exams. Such exams are being held for the first time in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. An official from the Northwest district said most of the students have smartphones and they appear for the exams from their respective homes. “We are getting the exams conducted and even getting queries from students who want to visit the CSC for taking their exams. The students faced issues while uploading answer sheets and we helped them in emailing them,” he added.

    An official from a common service centre in Mayur Vihar Phase-I said all preparations are in place for the online, open-book exams, but no students have come in the first two days of the exams. He said the centre had also spread the word in the area about the CSC being capable of facilitating the exams.
    Even amidst opposition from students and teachers who have been demanding that exams are scrapped, and students are evaluated based on their performance in previous semesters and internal assessments, the varsity began the online exams on August 10th.


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