Delhi University Grants 100% Scholarships to COVID-19 Orphans

    NCVT MIS 1st Year Exams Results Announced 2021

    Delhi University has pledged to waive all fees for students who have lost one or both parents to coronavirus. DU officials announced this decision on Friday, 4 June 2021. In addition, the varsity has sent ordinances to its colleges for the commencement of a scholarly body survey. Each college will prepare a list of students who qualify for scholarships to be sent to the varsity by Monday, 7 June 2021. The scholarship will also include the waiving of all examination fees.

    According to Delhi University representatives, the colleges collected underneath the DU entity comprise three types. Firstly, colleges maintained by trusts, colleges maintained by the university, and government colleges that Delhi fully/partially funds. Of the third type, there are 28 colleges, 12 of which are fully funded by the city. The head of one of the Delhi-governed colleges has positively received the announcement, stating, “We welcome the initiative. Once the varsity finalises the decision, we will put it forth to our governing body and get it approved.”

    Skeptics Comment on the Delhi University Decision

    An anonymous DU official has commented on practical issues expected to occur. “For example, at the university level, we are already aware of the staffers whose wards are studying here, and they would be given a fee waiver. Whereas at the college level, the college governing bodies must implement it. They will need to request certain documents which would prove necessity.” On the other side of the exchange, anonymous DU college principal affirmed this sentiment in a written statement. “There are two sections within the fee: the college component and the university component. Only the student’s specific college can repeal the majority of the fee. Meanwhile, the university share of the fee is inconsequential in ratio,” he explained.

    Nevertheless, some DU colleges have already started the survey process. The principal of Aryabhaytta College, Manoj Singh, has asserted in an interview that their college will honour the university’s decision. “We will play our part in it and this will be our social contribution,” said Singh. On the initiatives taken to implement the plan, the principal has stated that the college has formed a “student’s fee concession” and a college scholarship committee. “We are trying to help the students. We have reached out to some of the NGOs who supported the students during the first wave,” Singh concluded. Students are also receiving external sources of assistance. Recently, an NGO in Mumbai has decided to provide full financial support for five female DU students.


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