Delhi Govt Writes to CBSE, Seeks More Time to Compile Class 10 Results

Jharkhand Government Cancels JAC Class 12 and 10 Board Exam

The Delhi government has asked the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to review the timeline for compiling the CBSE class 10 result. Many of the teachers from CBSE are involved in COVID-19 duties, and schools are being used as vaccination centres. Hence, they require more time to compile the class 10 results.

The Delhi government has raised issues regarding the extension of the class 10 result timeline. The government said, “Keeping in view the ongoing situation, including its emotional ramifications, enforcement of lockdown and deployment of teachers for various duties, the competent authority of CBSE is requested to kindly review the Time Schedule… regarding Policy for Tabulation of Marks for Class X Board Exams 2021.”

In addition, it said, “Further, to assist the district administration, most of the teachers and other staff, including data entry operators and IT assistants of Delhi Government schools, are at the forefront of COVID-19 related duties.”

The government said that the teachers are involved in conducting door-to-door surveys in COVID-19 hotspots. They are assisting with testing and contact tracing and are also engaged in activities related to COVID vaccination.

The letter highlighted many other duties like assisting the government in the enforcement of COVID protocols and screening at airports. Hence, the government has asked CBSE to extend the deadline for declaring class 10 results.


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