Delhi Deputy CM Launches CODE-A-THON Campaign for Government School Students

    Delhi Deputy CM Launches CODE-A-THON Campaign for Government School Students

    In a one of its kind initiative, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Manish Sisodia, has come up with a coding campaign for various government school students. The campaign is titled “CODE-A-THON” which will be similar to a marathon (as the name suggests) in which the participants will have to run a long but steady race of coding and emerge as the winner.

    The campaign will include several quizzes and questionnaires which the students will have to solve to cross each subsequent level. Finally, a grand finale will be hosted in Delhi, where the finalists will be given a platform to showcase their talent of what they learnt as a part of the campaign.

    Following the Foot Steps of Steve Jobs

    Nobody is unaware of Steve Jobs’ potential as the pioneered gamechanger in the field of technology. In a tweet by Sisodia, he quoted Jobs’ as saying, “Everybody should learn computer coding because it teaches you how to think.” Sisodia further propounded the thought as he highlighted that computer coding is not just about programming, designing, or creating videos.

    It is rather about generating art, honing analytical skills and teaching the values of research and development. Coding, until very recently, was treated as a mammoth task, but through various awareness campaigns and mobile applications, it is being proved that even students can develop such skill-set. Sisodia says it is all the better to let kids venture into this arena as their skill set will only enhance as they mature with time.

    In Partnership with SheCodes

    According to the announcement, the coding project was launched way back in January 2020 in collaboration with a foundation named SheCodes. Under this project, around 870 girl students had been training other students on how to code. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the schools and other educational institutions were shut down, and so was the project.

    But Sisodia extended the project in the form of a campaign wherein the students will have to go through self-learning modules. Following which they will also be allowed to showcase their practical knowledge through various projects and application-based tasks. SheCodes’ primary objective is to motivate female students to learn coding and other such activities which are considered out of their domain. This initiative will be inspirational for the following generations.


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