Collaboration of IIM Jammu & IIT Jammu for Better Future of Students

IM Jammu & IIT Jammu Collaboration

Indian Institute of Technology Jammu and Indian Institute of Management Jammu have collaborated by signing an MoU to reach excellence in teaching, research, and placements by sharing expertise and resources to improve education quality.

A collaboration of Different Parallels

Both institutions have collaborated in different parallels to bring out the best engineers and management graduates through excellent learning and teaching. Both the institutions had a meeting and discussed the Memorandum of Understanding’s future and decided to collaborate, creating a ‘Community Engagement programme’. The Memorandum of Understanding between IIM Jammu & IIT Jammu comprises academic, research, administrative, and Consultancy Collaborations.

Faculty to Help Students

As discussed in the MoU, both institutions’ faculty members will collaborate to help the students with their academic expertise and research excellence. Both institutions will share research and academic infrastructure and discuss the credit system and course options for them. According to the officials, the credit system and course options are to be agreed upon for this individually, and both the institutions will be sharing research, and academic infrastructure along with other facilities agreed upon mutually from time to time.

Placement Collaborations

Both institutions: IIM Jammu & IIT Jammu, will work together in every area like providing placements. They will share the contact details of the resources and work towards the improvement of placement records for the graduating students. Placement cell aims at recruiting students to good companies and agencies.


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