CBSE to Introduce Experiential Learning from 2019-20 Academic Cycle


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plans to implement the student-friendly reforms in all the affiliated schools under its purview.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been undertaking several steps to make the curriculum welcoming and friendly for students whilst improving results in terms of quality education. In the same vein, a set of new guidelines have been issued by the board that put in fore the promotion of practical learning through a focus on ‘reflections and creating valuable knowledge’.

Likewise, the Union HRD minister informed the Lower House that funds will be granted to the education sector so that the plan can be implemented thoroughly. The funds will be granted from the academic session 2019-20. The step is also aimed at providing a boost to the teaching sector so that more numbers of youth can be brought to this profession.

In a letter issued by the board in the past, the concept was defined as follows, “Experiential Learning is the theme for the new academic year 2019-20. In simple terms, experiential learning is the process of ‘learning by doing’ and is a crucial input for making learning joyful.”

Some of the changes that will be implemented immediately across schools under the Experiential Learning Umbrella are as follows

  • Curricular activities in the schools must be planned in a way that students connect their lives and learning with it.
  • The outcomes of learning developed by NCERT will help the teachers to shape their teaching in a desired and friendly manner and ensure quality education.
  • To stimulate life skills and value education, CBSE has coordinated health and physical education with academics. Therefore, every school must dedicate at least one period for sports in order to freshen up the students and make the environment lighter for them.
  • The National Curriculum Frameworks (NCF) has also shown concern regarding the issue of anxiety and stress in children. Thus, the body urges every school to provide professional counsellors in order to help students regarding the same and make the environment of the school light and student-friendly.

Elaborating further whilst explaining the motive behind the introduced changes, the CBSE Board Secretary Anurag Tripathi stated that students should learn from what they study and use it. It shouldn’t be rote learning for them, which they would only learn for the exams and then forget,”. He concluded by stating that the board will push for academic improvement and put forth a policy for the same soon.


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