CBSE to Incorporate More Application Based Questions for Class 12 Board Examination

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Following the new curriculum and pedagogy laid down by the National Education Policy or NEP, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to make significant changes in the question paper pattern for CBSE Class 12 Board students. Adhering to the NEP, which prevents the students from rote learning and focuses more on developing analytical skills, CBSE is set to add application based question in the class 12 Board examination question paper.

CBSE New Paper Pattern for Class 12 Boards

As per the latest updates, the question paper would include more application-based questions, wherein the students will be given case studies and short paragraphs which they will have to analyse and write answers. This initiative would test the grip of the students on the specific subject and also test their analytical skills. 

Instead of focusing on scoring marks (which is a way that promotes rote learning), the changes incorporated will encourage the students to gain knowledge. The decision to include such changes were made, keeping in mind the differences in curriculum and the change in the way the college will admit students for higher studies. The entire pedagogy is set to change; hence the students must be ready for it.

Sample Papers Already Uploaded

Joseph Emmanuel, Director, Academics at CBSE, confirmed the news saying that the students don’t need to worry as the model question papers have already been uploaded on the official website. Candidates who will be appearing for the class 12 Board examination for the coming academic year, must practise such question papers as it will give them an idea of the changes incorporated.¬†

Emmanuel further said that a part of CBSE’s aim is to make the Board exams “competency-based”. The comprehension-based questions will assess students on their ability to understand and apply concepts in real life. He also added that students’ interest would be kept in mind while making the shift from rote learning to learning for life.


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