CBSE issues new rules for Class 11 Admissions


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has brought some changes in the admission policies for class 11th students from the 2019 academic session

The admission process for class 11th is going on in most of the schools. Therefore, the students should make themselves aware of the changes in the admission policies before taking admission.

As per the official memo, the CBSE board has now made the attendance of the students a mandatory one to be observed. In the same regard, the board has changed the rules for admission and issued some strict instructions to the schools. The board, in its instructions, has said the schools to ensure 75 percent attendance of the students in the session. If schools do not ensure the attendance guidelines then strict actions can be taken against them.

The attendance guidelines have been issued owing to the students not attending classes while they are in class 11. In fact, the students do not go to school and they keep themselves busy with the preparation of medical and engineering entrance exams. Due to this, the year-long attendance of such students become less than 75 percent. As per the rules of the board, it is necessary for the students to have at least 75 percent attendance so that they are allowed to appear for the exam. But, the schools have been ignoring this rule for a long time. Now, the board has given strict instructions to the students along with the schools if the attendance of the students is less than 75 percent, action will be taken against them.

In other related news, the board will declare the CBSE class 12 Re-evaluation result 2019 on the 14th of June 2019. This will be closely followed by the announcement of class 10 results. Students are advised to keep an eye on the official CBSE websites and respectively.


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