Bengal School Resumes Classes Flouting Strict Government Orders

    Schools in Bihar to Resume Classes for Standards 9 to 12 from 28 September 2020

    A state-run school in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal has resumed the tenth standard classes despite strict government orders against it. According to the latest news report, the headmaster Brindaban Ghatak, of Hatsarberia BC Roy High School in the Daspur area said that the persistent lockdown was affecting the well being of the students. To cheer up the students and simulate the normalcy, the school decided to resume classes.

    Ghatak further reported that the school follows all the COVID-19 safety protocols, including social distancing norms and sanitization facilities. He said that if the Government finds any violation, he will abide by the orders pertaining to closing the school again. But if everything is found okay, the school may continue to conduct classes in the open. The school is even planning to resume classes for 11 and 12 standards in a phased manner.

    Is it Feasible to Reopen the Schools Now?

    There is a constant debate between the parents/guardians and students on one side and the government on the other side on whether the classes should resume or not. The schools were closed down following the centre’s order from 16 March 2020. But the centre is planning to reopen the schools in a phased manner for the senior classes.

    A list of grievances from parent’s side includes the credibility of online education, the payment of fees, the conduction of examination, assessment method, and the mental and physical health of the students. The debate has varying degrees of responses where some parents want the school to reopen while some don’t.

    How was this Move Received?

    The school decided to resume classes because it found that students missed coming to school and daily life. Ghatak reported that the students were thrilled after coming to school. Even parents were requesting for the schools to reopen. It was a planned unanimous decision, the school said.

    The violator move has been reported to the state government. The school has been issued a show-cause letter detailing the reason behind executing such a move. An inspecting officer will also be visiting the school premises to check the credibility of Ghatak’s words. The school may be closed again if the situation doesn’t permit.


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