Assam Welcomes NEP, will set a 40-Member Committee for Analyzing the Policy

    Assam Welcomes NEP 2020

    The Assam Government is all set to welcome the New Education Policy laid down by MHRD last week. To analyze the NEP, the Assam Government will set a 40 member committee, which will be headed by the education department’s principal secretary. The committee will be functional in the coming week, as per reports.

    Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, in a press conference, highlighted specific key points on which the committee will be focusing. The New Education Policy would require some fundamental changes in the infrastructure as well as the pedagogy. Consequently, a detailed report has to be established before the initiation of the policy.

    The committee will submit the report by the end of the year so that the new academic session can be initiated in line with the NEP. Himanta Biswa Sarma mentioned the fact that the Assam Government is keen to welcome the NEP, which set to revolutionize the current education system. The use of regional language as a medium to teach students up to class 5 is exceptionally well planned. Furthermore, the liberalization of higher education will enable to build the critical thinking ability of the student.

    Sarma also mentioned that some of the policies laid down in NEP are already being carried out in Assam. NEP was given a green signal by the Cabinet on 29 July 2020. While some of the states are overwhelmed by the NEP, other countries like West Bengal are protesting against the same. Eminent educational Institutes like Jadavpur University and Calcutta University have sharply criticized the New Education Policy.


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