AMU Seeks President’s Intervention to Mitigate Financial Crisis

AMU Seeks President's Intervention to Mitigate Financial Crisis

The faculty of Aligarh Muslim University has sought President Ram Nath Kovind’s intervention to mitigate its financial crisis. Writing a letter to the President, the Aligarh Muslim University Teachers Association has sought help to alleviate the unprecedented economic crisis which has gone from bad to worse this month. 

AMU Financial Crisis

On Saturday, the Aligarh Muslim University Teachers Association mentioned in the letter that thousands of pensioners only received half of their pension money this month. This has resulted in a severe financial crisis, cash crunch and hardships for them. The Secretary of AMU Teachers Association, Professor Najmul Islam quoted that the university received about INR 17 crores less than the set amount of money, the ongoing month.

Prof Islam also added that alongside the pensioners, the researchers and other staff have also been affected due to the cash crunch. The reason being is that they haven’t received their allowances, including monthly arrears and leave encashment.

Averting the Financial Crisis

The university is trying to uplift the financial crisis by talking to other education higher-ups as well. Registrar Abdul Hamid, along with a few other top officials from the varsity, sought help from the University Grants Commission in New Delhi. Professor Tariq Mansoor, the Vice-Chancellor of AMU, was quoted as saying that they are taking the situation very seriously and taking every necessary step to amplify the situation to mitigate the adverse impact of this financial crunch. He is hopeful that they will be able to find a way out from this adversity in the near future.


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