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CAT Exam 2023 Did Not Go Well: Here Are Other Upcoming MBA Entrance Exams

IIM, Lucknow officials released the CAT result 2023 yesterday, Dec 21, 2023. Low scorers must prepare for the upcoming MBA entrance exams.

Aman Kaur

Updated on -Dec 22, 2023 | 06:31 PM IST

Upcoming MBA Entrance Exams if CAT Exam 2023 did not go well (Image Credits:

Aman Kaur

Content Writer, GETMYUNI

Aman is a News Writer at GetMyUni who puts herself in the shoes of her readership and provides them with well-researched and relevant information. While she has explored different fields of Content Writing, she has felt the most passionate as a News Journalist. She prioritizes her content to be: well thought out, detailed and comprehensive. She is currently pursuing her Master's in English Literature from Delhi University. When not creating factual content, her mind wanders around the creative aspect of writing. She often engages in writing poetry and watching cinema, which she tends to take inspiration from.

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