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GetMyUni News is an online news publishing platform based in Bangalore. We strongly believe that today’s students are ambitious, confident, go-getters, who will become the fearless leaders of tomorrow. The journey to success begins with a single step and choosing the right kind of education is, in fact, the first step of this life-long journey.

GetMyUni News ambitiously aims to remove hurdles and aspires to be a repository of information for students. A news destination with the latest education news, updates and information on Admit Cards, Exam Results, Application forms, Time tables, Admissions, Boards and more.

The world of education in today’s day and age has no boundaries. We keep our readers constantly informed and enthralled. With a unique vision and point of view, we produce independent, reliable and unbiased news stories whilst adhering to the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

Creative and transformative minds working in a perfect sync to create a pathway to better education. We are a team of young enthusiasts who help students to make choices regarding Colleges, Courses, Scholarships etc easier and better than ever before.

Since its inception, GetMyUni News has come a long way in understanding the various dimensions of education. To help students decide, choose and shape their career, GetMyUni News is hustling every day to provide the latest developments from the world of education.